HSE Student Initiative Support Fund

HSE Student Initiative Support Fund was created in 2014 in order to finance most interesting projects created by students, and to help students develop leadership, teamwork and project management skills.

The Fund is an HSE project, a programme funded from the university’s income-generating activities, voluntary contributions from persons and legal entities, international organizations, including donations, and from other sources stipulated by HSE Charter.

The funds for the projects are allocated by the Fund Council that includes HSE administration and active alumni.

Council members:

Igor Agamirzian

Vice President

Sofya Vanyatkina

Acting Senior Director for Public Relations

Yulia Grinkevich

Director of the Office of Internationalisation

Dmitry Dagaev

Deputy Vice Rector

Tatyana F. Dubova


Tatyana Zakharova

Director of the Centre for Leadership and Volunteer Work

Pavel Zdorovtsev

Director of the Student Development Office

Sergey M. Kadochnikov

Director of HSE Campus in St. Petersburg

Valeria Kasamara

Vice Rector

Yaroslav Kuzminov

Rector (Chair of the Council)

Yulia P. Lezhnina

Deputy Vice Rector

Alexey Novoseltsev

Vice Rector

Ovakimyan, Dmitry

Chair of the Student Council

Vadim Radaev

First Vice Rector

Natalia Savelieva

Academic Secretary

Vladimir V. Fayer

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Oksana Chernenko

Director of the Fund for Educational Innovation

Igor Chirikov

Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences

Dmitry Shminke

Rector's Assistant